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I’ve had this past weekend circled on my calendar for over a month, and i was totally looking forward to it. It ended up not being exactly what i expected but just as good. Saturday Joy and I woke up bright and early then got to Disneyland before it opened, and that was a good thing because it ended up being a pretty crowded weekend. If you would’ve seen our path on a map you would’ve thought we were a drunken ant with all the criss crossing we did. We basically took our time often getting a coffee or ice cream and just people watching for most of the day. We ate so many times, and even went for a drink in downtown disney. Afterwards we went to Ten Ten for a late night snack of pan fried noodles and won ton soup.

Sunday we slept in and went for our run pretty close to lunch time, but i’m sure we got in our 3 miles before heading out to the Wat Thai and meet David there. I’ve been trying to get him to go there for almost a year now because i know he would love it. Lets say he’s already planning another trip out. Speaking of Mr. HatsForBats he’s finally given into the power of wordpress, and hopefully he’ll be blogging more often now.  We tried some 8-10 dishes with plenty of drinks and desert to go along with the meal.  Literally an hour later after finish eating Joy and I had to go to dinner with her cousins’ families, which included four kids.  I’ve still got a long way to go when dealing with kids.  I felt like i was in a food coma the whole weekend.

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