Bill Bufford of Heat said in his book, that while making pasta, a thousand times over that he was able to do it without thinking. His mind was allowed to wander, to think about other things in life, he found the idea of Zen, or it was just he was really bored. I’ve recently happened upon this feeling while playing Guitar Hero 2 here at work. In the beginning I had the most difficult time controlling my fingers individually, and made mistake after mistake. Then when i let go of the mind and just started to play i was able to play some songs to point where i was almost watching myself play. My mind can’t believe what the body was doing without it basically. Only until i think about what my fingers are doing, that i start to mess up again. The same goes for when i go snowboarding, i guess thats why a couple years ago i was ready to hang up the board. Too many thoughts and worries would enter the mind as the body had full control over sliding down a mountain at some 20-40mph without a care in the world. The mind and body are a funny thing, because you can’t live with one alone.

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