Jonathan has had his Bally’s membership for over a year and a half now, and has only gone twice, so we started our spartan training this evening. Looks like i’m going to be joining bally’s since it’ll be half the cost of what i’m paying now for 24 hour fitness, which i’ve basically stopped going to. In six month i might reach my goal of benching my own weight which is thankfully pretty low. Its good to know that i’ve been getting stronger without actually having doing anything specific, because I actually benched a whole 95lbs, which is the most i’ve ever done, and please don’t laugh its a first. I’m going to be hurting on Friday.

Friday also happens to be the day that i will be doing my taxes, getting the keys to my new apartment, and heading up to Mammoth for one last hurrah with David. I’m sorry that i’ll be missing Debbie and Pish’s baby shower, but i know i wont be missed with so much other family from out of town here for the weekend. My apartement is basically packed, and im ready to go. My current apartment was a nice place to live, but i’m going to be sure to enjoy have a bedroom door to close, and a parking space to leave my car in. I trully understand the importance of having your own place to park when you come home from anywhere.

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