Sunday marked an early addition to Day Lights Savings, and year number two for my nephew(cousin)’s existance on this planet. The early time change i guess is the gov’t way to make us use less energy, but exactly how, im not too sure.  All i know at least that the sun is staying later in the day, and it makes me feel less bad about still being at work while everyone else is already stuck in traffic on their way home.

The time change partially threw me off because i was hoping to work on the Disney site a little bit before i headed off to Irvine, but i only had time to burn what i needed and jam on out. On the way down i dropped off my Holga film off at Samy’s for developement, and 60 miles later i was eating my mom’s tasty Thai BBQ chicken.  Sadly i had to leave so that i could head back up to Santa Monica to work, where i was there until midnight.  At least it was sunny enough to go bike riding around 6, and so we went to have Luke Wilson break.  One day i wont have to work so much, but at least im enjoying what i’m doing.

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