Some people say that they’re living with burning the candles at both ends, but i think im seriously putting gasoline on the wick as well. Yesterday for example i worked a full day, then went to do my Monday Basketball where i played literally for an hour and a half straight, then rushed back home to take a quick shower and headed up to Sunset Blvd. to check out Great Northern play at the Viper Room, afterwards i went to my favorite hamburger stand in westwood for some chili cheese fries.

I really couldn’t get out of bed this morning, but i had parked in a metered space last night, so i had to move it before i got another ticket. Tonight is going to be a long one because i delayed working on the Disney site, so now i’ve got to really start cranking on this stuff.

My sister sent me training schedule yesterday for our 5K in May, and the half marathon in September. I’ve never been able to stick to a schedule like this EVER, but i’ll do my very best, considering i don’t think i’ve actually run for more than two miles straight. Getting to 13 miles is going to be a real challenge, but its all about the full commitment!

One last note, if you’re in our flickr photo contest, your photo is due tomorrow!

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