Life is grand, and sometimes i just wish that i could at least slow down time. Last year my life was so focused on work, and it was good. It was something that i needed to do. It was well worth it because the business would not be where it is now if i didn’t dedicate my life to it. Even after those countless nights being in the office till 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, even 3 in the morning, and getting countless instant messages from friends and family to go home, i knew what i had to do. This weekend marks a year for moving out to LA, and this weekend also is when im moving into my new apartment in Santa Monica. One mile closer to the beach, … sweet.

Work is still busy, and things are going well, and now im getting a chance to just being out in LA. Its basically the same feeling i had when i was in college when i knew that i had it easy being in school, had friends to go things with, and didn’t have a care in the world.

More motivation came when Joy took the plunge to join my sister and I on the disney half marathon. We started training on saturday by running from Santa Monica to Venice pier and walked back to eat some waffles at the omelette parlor on main street. Later in the afternoon we took a drive up in our stinky clothes up to Malibu where the surf was up, and the beers were out again at Neptunes Net, and oddly enough somehow missed Jonathan and Janelle who also drove up in their motorcycle to eat there. On the way back into the city we took our time, and just cruised even below the speed limit to enjoy the sun, and breeze. Somehow i will find a way to slow down time.

3 thoughts on “Slow it down

  1. Hahhaah! Nice picture! Yea…sometimes we need to slow down and really savor the moment huh!? I can’t believe we missed your friends in Malibu! Fun times…

  2. I totally know to what you meaning! Sometimes, I rushing when on the toilet. But now I know it not to do anymore that. Especially when I eat waffle. Oh, by the ways, who is someone else sitting in you car? Whoever it is, he like to wear girl shirt.

  3. yah, i think i mastered slowing down time. I get enough work done in one week that most people get done in a day! saweeeet!

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