I can vivdly recall this one time back in jr. high, i was given this mini milkyway candy bar, not just the halloween size one, but the tiny square one. I just want to savor it for as long as i could, so i didn’t just pop it in my mouth and finish it off, but rather I would take small bites out of it so that it would last me a little bit longer.

I also read that if you can delay a good event for the right amount of time, you basically get to enjoy the moment twice. Their example was like if you gave someone a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, people would hold off from using it right away, basically to enjoy the experience twice. The first one was the anticipation, getting to think about what they were going to order, and how delicious it was going to taste, and the second was when they actually sat down and got to eat it. I guess though that it only works if you know that its going to be good, and its even better when the end results are way better than what you expected them to be.

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