Reasons why the world is coming to an end

  • James Cameron has found the tomb of Jesus – This may be the end of all religion as we know it. I may not believe in religion, but i know this world needs religion to keep some sort of order in life. Its like the Simpsons episode – Lisa the Iconoclast – where Lisa hides the truth of Jebediah Springfield from the rest of the town to keep everyone happy.
  • The US stock market plunges 400+ points in a day, due to concerns about the economy in the US, and China. Not that i really have to worry about it right now, but with my parents retiring their 401k probably took a bit of a hit. I have no idea what happens next with the leveling off of housing prices, but normally housing prices rise with the stock market goes down.
  • The Iraq war which is such a mess, that i don’t even know what to say about that. February had the highest fatality rate so far, and i would be scared out of my mind if i had to be over there, American or any nationality for that matter. If the US pulls out now, it would be like going into someone’s house rearrange the furniture then realized you blocked the entrance to the bathroom, and everyone just got food poisioning. Either way the US will not come out smelling like roses afterwards.

In other words, its Friday!  Go have some fun, and leave all your worries until Monday, its going to suck anyways!

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