Some how in some sick and twisted way I found tickets on craigslist for the Thursday showing of Wicked for just about face value. Earlier this week on a whim Joy and I were on ticketmaster looking for tickets, but alas there were none to be found.  I had no idea that the show has been sold out for months now, and the only available tickets left were the really expensive variety.  The seats weren’t absolutely the best, but the theatre is pretty small so you’ll always have a decent view.  The show made up for it by far.  I had some idea what the story line was, but it was a very enjoyable musical.  There were some drama, some laughs, and a pretty good story line to tie in with the movie.

Afterwards i really wanted to go somewhere cheap to eat but the only thing i could figure out where to go was back to Mozza, and it ended up being a good decision because we split a pizza and a glass of wine, and Bryant sent over a couple appetizers too.  Its nice to have good friends everywhere.

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