As everyone else in this city was dressed all out in their green clovers, and cramming into the local irish pub, I instead went to AOC out near the Farmer’s Market/Grove. Joy was kind of enough to accompany me for some fine food, and fine wine. The menu of food and wine were quite impressive and i had no idea what i was reading. We had a lot of help from our very nice waitress who picked a delicious fruity chardonnay for us to drink, and a really firm goat cheese to start with (she wasn’t kidding when she said it was firm). For our meal, i went a little nuts when ordering, but it was all really good. We started with a Blood Orange, and Beet salad, then some roast fish (the best), arroz negro with squid, by this time we were actually pretty full, but then our order of pork confit, and sweet potato and bacon dishes came out. Sadly we didn’t bring our cameras, so you’ll just have to pick our brains if you want to know more.

Afterwards i dragged Joy out to Arsenal to Sung’s 30th birthday. We had some drinks while a ton of Sung’s friends came to with wish him a happy birthday. I had to sadly leave early because i was suppose to shoot some engagement photos for Ben’s sister early in the morning. It was still one of the best nights i’ve ever had.

4 thoughts on “AOC AOK

  1. lol…i guess our trip to juice it up wasn’t worthy to be talked about….haha!!!!! jk!!!!!

    glad to hear you had a great night =)

  2. Gr8! The one time I come to this site & comment juice it up xperience wasn’t worth mentioning. What’s up w/ that?! ;).

    glad to hear you had a good time 2.

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