So i’ve been out in LA now for about a year, and even if my commute has tripled within the last two months to a whole three miles i am so glad i don’t have a real commute.  With my last couple jobs my drive time was a minimum of thirty minutes each way, up to an hour and a half to two whole hours to get to and from work.  I lived with it, i got used to it, heck driving from costa mesa to UCLA got pretty easy once you were doing it twice a weekend.  So last night Jonathan and I tried to get to Westwood to catch a free screening of the Zodiac and we gave ourselves about fourty five minutes to literally drive eight miles.  I have totally forgotten what its like out there once a drop of water hits the road.  The streets were jam packed with drivers trying to get home, and we were stuck in the middle of it.  No chance of making the movie we continued driving to the farmers market to get some nice N’awlins cooking, and beer at the same time.  In any case for those that have any sort of commute time, i feel for you, but i don’t envy you.

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