After months of spending freely on stuff i don’t really care about, like parking tickets, rent, and bills, and finally bought a couple books i’ve just been looking forward to reading. Sometimes i have difficulty spending money on things for myself that i should probably spend less on, like alcohol.

Heat is Bryant special that i actually picked up and read the first 100 pages at borders on a quiet saturday afternoon, but that feels like ages ago.  Its all about his head chef Mario Batali, and his progression to where he is now. The second was just one that caught my eye while in a book store, and i have no idea what its about.

hand.jpgIts a good thing that these came in, because yesterday we took a bike ride to drop off a fedex package, and i completely ate shit on the way back to the office. I can’t really explain what happened, but in the end i tumbled over the handle bars, tearing up my left palm, re-dislocating my right pinkie (its basically detachable now), and just had an overall embarrasing experience. So i’ll be taking it easy for just a little while at least.

1 thought on “Mental and Physical

  1. Are you okay there John? David says you hurt your finger a lot…haha…jk. Hope it’s healing! You’ll have to show me how your pinky gets detached!

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