There’s nothing like coming home and smelling like dinner. David and I have been salivating about going to Manna again, basically since the last night we ate there some months ago. I really tried to get people to go, but alas only Roland could make it on my side, and David’s friend Joy could make it. I almost forgot that Roland and Joy used to work together at MGM, but i purposely forgot to mention who were going, so i knew it was going to be a fun evening that no one was expecting.

I normally ALWAYS must have someone who speaks Korean with me when i go anywhere close to a Korean restaraunt, so i figured we were safe with at least David’s amount of the Korean language. The funniest thing was that i had the best luck at getting the attention of the waitresses, and getting anything i needed, with little more than finger pointing and grunting with a full mouth. David and Joy’s attempts were a little less than successful. About 20 pounds of meat later, we were all stuffed, and had to be rolled out of the place.

Not just once, but twice in only a few days i got to eat Korean BBQ. My freshman buddy Caroline from high school was in town from St. Louis for some company conference. Its so wierd to talk to her about work, marriage, and other adult subjects, because i always remember her as that little kid that knew more about sex than i did. So I picked her up, and drove back to KTown. It wasn’t so much of a glutton fest as the previous night, but just as good as before. I figured it was probably better to go to a nicer Korean restaraunt since she was dressed a little nicer than what you should wear to Manna (i.e. clothes from the previous week that you happen to do yard work in). I guess i’ll be heading to visit her sometime in the spring since she might be moving to Las Vegas, and she wants me to run the St. Louis Marathon with her, but i doubt the latter will happen.

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