I’m a big fan of the classic weekend.  Having a relaxed Saturday morning, just cleaning up the house, have breakfast, and watch some cartoons.  Then meet up with some friends for lunch, this weekend happened to be with Mia(IR),  Jonathan and Janelle.  We went to Culver City to at this asian fusion place called Beacon.  It was nice, i had some green tea soba noodles with shrimp, i really needed something light after the past week of just being a fatty.  Saturday night i went out with Roland to this club in downtown LA called tatou or something link that.  The girls there were ok, purely a chinese venue, and our bartender was nice of enough to give us a free shot.  I also learned that she bartends at 14th below in Santa Monica on some nights, so maybe i’ll have to check that place out again, because I haven’t been there since the ex turned 21, which was amazingly like three years ago.

Sunday i slept over at the parent’s house, and basically acted like i was twelve again.  Woke up, parents weren’t around, turned on the TV, and made myself a ham and egg croissant.  I basically stayed in my PJs, watching Nascar, the Lakers, until 5 when i went to play poker at Steve’s house.

3 thoughts on “A weekend in the life

  1. Hi Joy!

    you know i really couldn’t tell you what the green tea part was, maybe it was boiled in green tea, but it was delish indeed.

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