Best Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
I really thought this movie was going to depress the hell out of me, but surprisingly at the end i left the theater with a smile.

Runner ups: X3, Jackass 2

Best TV show : Top Chef
This is one of those shows that i have no idea why i like it so much. I literally can watch reruns of the show over and over and over again. I guess its the different challenges that make the chefs cook everything from cheetos to foie gras, and the secret desire that i have to be able to cook.

Runner ups: Heroes, 5 takes

Best Album: Rock Kills Kid – Are you Nervous?
This album for me mixed in a little of the 80s, and 90s into an album that i could listen to from start to finish.

Runner ups: Sergio – Timeless, Muse – Black Holes and Revelations

Best Concert: Sergio Mendez / Hollywood Bowl
Not much more to say than the concert rocked, and it was pretty cool with the wine and cheese.

Runner ups: Raconteurs, Bitter:Sweet

Best Book – Marley and Me
Forgive me if i get a little sentimental with dogs, i’ve only had like six my whole life.

Runners Ups: The Soul of a Chef

Best Trip – New York
It was fun to travel with my Nina, and to visit family and friends, and eat like pigs.

Runner Ups: Whistler, Las Vegas

Best Party – Jonathan and Janelle Wedding
One of the few reasons why people from around the world will come together, and just completely wasted with each other.

Runner ups: Jonathan’s bachelor’s party, Brian’s birthday

Best Place to Eat – Manna Korean BBQ
All you can eat Korean BBQ for $15? Whats not to love here? Its already making me hungryRunner Ups: The Counter, Fatty Crab

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