Work has been a little out of control lately.  We pumped out the Winter X Games media guide, still working on the Disney Branding site, and have a ton of Schwarzkopf collateral that we’ve got on our plate.  Jonathan left to Aspen today to snowboard, and schmooze the X Games folks for hopefully more work.  Since he’s going to be gone we had to hire a temp to do some production work in his absence.  Work is really starting to pile up, and putting in these twelve hour working days are starting to cramp my style.

On a more personal note, i think i may just move into Ben and Tiffany’s apartment when they move out in March.  Its only another $150 a month, and its a two bedroom, so i can use the other room as an office, or find a roommate to split the cost with me.  We’ll see, but at least it would be nice to at least have a parking space.  So anyone looking to move out to Santa Monica with me?

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