Last night after working a ton of hours this week, i went out with Ben and Tiff to watch Epic Movie out in Marina Del Rey. I knew it was going to be a bad movie, and it did not disappoint. It was sooooo bad that it was good. There was even a questionnaire afterwards, and literally i had to give a movie an F, and i would not even buy it on DVD. It was absolutely what i needed to turn off my brain for the week.

Today Chu gave me a call that she was dropping by because she was up visiting her sister in Thousand Oaks. We went out to Culver City to watch Children of Men, and grab some lunch at Santa Marina BBQ. The movie was pretty good, but i got a little sick because we were sitting a little close to the screen, and the way the camera shaked throughout the movie. I do have a spot for those not so distant future movies, that have a little bit of a dark theme. The BBQ place a little below par, but overall it was a nice afternoon for a gloomy day.

Finally Roland invited me to watch Smokin’ Aces at the NBC Universal backlot, but sadly they movie was filled to capacity so we got denied that. It was fine by me though, because Roland took me up to his office and showed me around the lot. I love getting to go “back stage” it always makes me feel like im somewhere special, just like the first time i got to see the backstage of Disneyland. I got to actually drive my car around the backlot where the normal tram takes you. It was a very unique experience to drive through it at night, with a light rain coming down. I just really wished i had my camera, because i don’t think i’ll see it like that again. No movie, but all the better to me.

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