I’m adding this trip as one of the better ones to Mammoth. Both days we got to rode with fresh powder, and blue bird skies. I got to test out my new jacket that shane got me, and the new helmet that my mom paid for. Both worked out great, but i think my helmet looks big on my head, I really need to work out my shoulders more. I mostly rode with Shane and Ben in the trees, while the other group basically taught each other on the bunny slopes. As for the other people, David, Ee Ming, Erica, Bryan, Christina, Jay, My, and Timmy were cool people to hang out with, but it was a change that i was the alcy amongst everyone. The cabin was a packed house, but I think everyone was comfortable, and i didn’t snore too much. No one got hurt, and we’ve all left with a few good memories, so all in all a good trip. Oh, and Ee Ming bought me a new Coach wallet for my birthday/xmas present since my other one is starting to fall apart, Thanks again!

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