I think the count is seven marriages/engagements, and five kids.  Roland and I are basically the last ones coming left standing from the old neighborhood.  Roland might be married to his job, but i started my attempts to meet some girls.  Roland and I went to Club Vegas in Newport Beach on Friday night and met some high maintenance Korean chicks (literally they said that when they walked up to us).  The bar/club was pretty cool, lots of people, and decent prices for drinks, but still not completely my scene. Saturday night we went out again this time with Jenn to one of her friend’s birthday parties, but not much was going on there so we tried Mai Tai’s but it was too busy to get in, so we ended up meeting up with the Jonathan, Janelle, Thomas, and Bergt at the Prospector to watch a band perform.  Sunday was Steve and Rachel’s baby shower, and most everyone was there with kids in tow.  Its interesting to see the kids getting older, and running around all on their own.

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