I remember when i was in high school, i always wanted to know people around the world.  I always felt to isolated to the people from Cerritos, so maybe thats why i’ve always wanted to move away, even just to LA.  I really like learning about how life is in other cities, and even in other countries, just to compare it to what i know.  I’m still not sure if i’m ready to move away from LA, but the urge is growing. This week has been really fun for me with so many out of towners around for the holidays.  I’m glad that they think i’m special enough to keep in touch with, because i’m always wondering what my friends are up to.

Tuesday night i met up with WanYu at Al Noor for dinner to catch up, and to eat some spicy food.  I guess her husband can’t really eat anything spicy so she has to go out on her own for the burny foods.  Fine by me, because you know Al Noor is still the best.

Wednesday Jonathan and I met up with Mia and Cheryl at Mao’s Kitchen to just to catch up and talk about what’s going on over at International Rectifier.  Looks like there was a major re-org just within my old department and the mood is still a bit nervous.  Afterwards my old friend from Disneyland, Esme came in to town from Portland to visit her family.  She really made me feel good about living in LA, and she’s still hating on Pale town as she calls it.  Hopefully she’ll be moving back here or to New York soon.  I took her to Urth Cafe which i still think is rich hippie hang out to make people feel better about themselves by overpaying for lettuce.

Thursday my sister came by to pick up Sim City so that she had something to do with her time off next week, and i took her to this burger joint called the Counter.  The burgers were one of the best, and it was fun getting to build it from the ground up.  At night i had what i like to consider my New Year’s Eve Party.  Klaus flew in all the way from Amsterdam to visit some friends and we all hung out at Tony’s new apartment out in Silverlake.  Its a pretty sweet location with a view of the reservoir.  We drank well past midnight, and even had Nelson and Janelle pass out in the middle of Tony’s living room.  Good times by all … i think.

I was basically a wreck today, i could barely get my eyes to focus on anything, and needed to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  Tomorrow i’ve got some work to catch up on, and maybe some laundry.

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