Talk about at two different ends of the spectrum. I had a couple Xmas parties to go to on Saturday night the first was Jenn’s youth group dinner to raise money for the relief effort from last month’s Typhoon Durian (I had no idea this had happened). They served dinner, played music, and raffled off a bunch of stuff. I actually won the grand prize of a 30gb Ipod, but gave it to Jenn’s cousin Teresa since i didn’t need it and its the sharing season isn’t it? It was a pretty safe and sane party to say the least.

Afterwards i drove down Hermosa Beach for Andrea’s Xmas party where the booze flowed like laundry in the wind. I restrained myself from drinking because i knew the cops would be out in full force (and they were), and i had to drive all the way back up to west LA. I still had fun though, im starting to learn how to have fun sober, plus the night before at Air Conditioned did a number on me. Jim Beam and water will do it to me with the quickness. The most creative gift at the White Elephant exchange was the “Bum in a Box” it came complete with a blanket (newspapers), pillow (piece of cardboard), a job (cardboard signs), hobo gloves, beanie, a bottle of night train, a bottle of thunderbird, and a lotto ticket. Jodi was gracious enough for let everyone partake in the lovely beverages, and everyone agreed that it was best not to relive our youths by having to drink that stuff regularly anymore.

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