Friday Shane invited me to the City Lights Dream Center again to shoot some photos for the Christmas charity give away.  Shane got Active Skate Shop to donate $61,000 worth of clothing, gear, and accessories.  Kids from all around the center were invited to win a bunch of stuff, while parents were allowed to pick out clothes for however many kids they had.


As for my Christmas weekend I took a last minute trip to Mammoth which completely rocked.  The mountains were sunny, with a little breeze, and fresh powder to be found on the backside.  The trees were still untouched for us to explore, and soft snow to plow through.  I even forgot my contacts, and jacket but had no problem wearing my goggles over my glasses, and my zip hoody to keep me warm.  It was a good warm up, for two weeks from now.  On a side note, Vail is going to be crazy now that another five people have decided to join us.

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