This has been one really rough year, and my horoscope even tried to warn me, so i’m glad that its over.  In retrospect i’ve learned a lot this year, probably more than i ever wanted to know about myself, but i guess its always better in the long term.  I might just sleep through the night watching some movies, i think my liver could use the break.  Also I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions, i don’t need anything more for me to worry about next year, my plate is already full.

I hope everyone will be safe out there tonight, and i’ll see you all next year!

1 thought on “I’m just glad its over

  1. I know it what you meaning. 2006 is home to many of my headache. I am really hope that 2007 is less drama. I also wishing to find remote control to my stupid DVD player. But I checked already and it gone.

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