Welcome to Eat.Sleep.Work.’s new office located in Santa Monica. I’d be even more excited but we’ve been delayed to start working in there until the 9th of January because of Verizon’s incompetence to setup our DSL correctly.  Now Jonathan and i are stuck working from our respective homes until the new year.  Not to say that its all bad, since i got sick this week, but i’d rather seperate home and work.  Its too easy to walk over to the couch and check out whats on the Tivo, and i’m just stuck in my apartment all day long.

This year i’ve made it a point to buy presents for some friends and family since i haven’t done it for a few years now.  Its really beginning to be difficult to buy things for people since most now make enough to buy what ever they want already.  I’d be happy if we would just get a little bit more snow on the mountains just like the people out in Colorado.

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