Living out on the westside i’ve gotten accustomed to seeing Mercedez S classes outside my office, Ferrari’s outside my apartment, woman with the most obvious tit jobs at el pollo loco, and countless other greedy things that people need to make themselves feel good. This morning when Jonathan picked me up for work we drove by the Recording Studio across from my apartment and we could swear Tommy Lee was just walking around outside.

Crazy how little i can care about all the celebrities just living their life around me. Don’t think you’re getting any special treatment if you’re behind me in line at Starbucks, you’re just going to have to wait like every other person. Within the last six months i almost got into an accident with James Wood, grossed out Michelle Rodriguez at dinner, and hang out with Ty Barnett even before Last Comic Standing. The ones that really amaze me are the people who you basically grew up with and find them doing amazing stuff.

Last night we passed by the UCLA Hammer Museum and right in the main lobby was art that we knew! Christine Nguyen was a girl that went to Long Beach State, and UCI when we went to school and now she has the entire lobby of the museum filled with her work. I remember the first time i met her was hanging out in her little art studio at UCI, while we waitied to see another art show on campus. I need to really pump out some of my photos out there.

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