… the more they stay the same.

I have to admit this was one of my better thanksgiving weekend. I’ve had this holiday in the past to be very ghetto with the KFC dinner, to being by myself doing my own credit check.

This year was nice that i could spend every day with all my friends and family. Thursday i spent the day, going for a run with my sister and koa, while making fun of jesse and all his WoWing and turkey cooking. Dinner was nice and uneventful with the Lao’s and the Chiembanchong’s together for another year.

Friday afternoon was spent with Brian and Roland back at La Mirada Golf Course hanging out with all the Korean golfers. With two wins in a row, i’m feeling pretty good about my game going into next year. At night i met up with with Jonathan, Nelson, and Janlle for a little more socializing. We had some dinner at Sushi of Naples in Belmont Shores, and a little drinking at Mai Tai’s.

Saturday i spent the day helping Janelle get her brand new Mini Cooper S. I have to say they are pretty cool little cars. I would totally get a convertable if i didn’t look so gay in it. Then we met up in Melrose to visit Bryant at Mozza, since thats the only way we’re going to be able to hang out with him for the next few months as his restaurant gets up and going on its own. This time we saw Fred Savage, and Wolfgang Puck there, and it was more funny than anything else.

So even as we all get a little older, some getting married, some having kids, its good to know that everyone is still the great people that I’ve always known them to be.

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