Tonight is usually one of the funnest nights to go out.  Everyone from out of town is back in, and just ready to go drinking the night before they’re stuck with the family.  Thankfully i like hanging out with the fam, but it is nice to get together with the friends we don’t see very much of anymore.  I guess i’m really not going to be missing much since we had a little high school reunion last weekend for toan’s birthday, but still its so much.  Tonight i have to fight off traffic to make it down to my sister’s “cousins dinner” with my cousin ishya and billy coming down from san jose for the weekend.  Prime Rib goodness is on the menu tonight, and even though i went to Lawry’s last week, its always a treat in my book.

I’m looking to get in a little turkey, football, work, and hopefully a little golf with the old neighbors the rest of the weekend.  I expect to see everyone on the treadmill come this monday.

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