My sense of reality is slightly coming back to me.  I did read that Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death, that the democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives, and that Mr. Spears will have to be looking for a new chick to get pregnant, i’m putting my money on Lindsay Lohan.

Beyond that i have no idea what else is going on past five miles of WLA.  For once here at work we enjoyed the light workload that we’ve had for the past two weeks, and thankfully we did because it looks like i’m going to disappear once again. This time for about three months, but thankfully i believe that we’ll have a little bit more control of the workflow.  We’ve almost confirmed a job with Disney Consumer Products, and putting in a bid for a brazillian clothing company soon.  If all goes through, jonathan and i are going to get a pair of G35s.  That would be sweet …. ya sweeet.

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