Ok, i’ve had a lot of good times at Disneyland, but this night has to rank as one of the top ones.  Andrea was celebrating her 28th birthday and it was one not to be missed. This even on the only day i have ever known of Disneyland to be sold out.  The place was quite busy due to Veterans weekend, like 80 minute wait for space mountain, but in the end amazingly we got on all the major rides, watched the fireworks, and even caught the last showing of Fantasmic.  It was a bit slow due to the crowds, but at dinner it got a whole lot funner.  Janelle and I split a pitcher of Sangria, and a bottle of wine and at that point everyone was having a good time.  We got back into the park and just rocked it, running from the Haunted Mansion, to Pirates, then to Honey i shrunk the audience. They’re even giving away birthday buttons now to replace the cheap-o stickers.  I guess i found two things i’m good for in this world, Driving Directions, and Disney tours.
I’m happy that i got another trip to dland because i would be sad if another annual pass went to waste.  Thats another story though.

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