… maybe in 2008. Last night i stayed in to catch the opening games of the NBA season, and was i surprised at what i saw. I was very interested to see how Mr. 19 year old Andrew Bynum would handle himself with his first NBA start, and i was thoroughly impressed.  He didn’t back down, posted up, rebounded, and passed out a few nice assist underneath the basket.  Odom owned the game, and hopefully when Kobe gets back, he’ll continue doing so.
The first game made me remember that Dwayne Wade is still crazy good, hurt hand and all.  He drove down the lane, in between some defenders, and i couldn’t even explained what he did to make it in.  After that i literally saw four commercials that Wade was in, one for his new shoe, one for t-mobile, and few i dont’ remember. Then the Bulls literally just destroyed what was left of the Miami Heat. Tyrus Thomas looked like he was still in the NCAA tournament from last year blocking Shaq, and dunking back a rebound.  Ben Wallace looks like the Bulls savior as a defending, blocking, rebounding machine, to help out the little white guy on the court (hinrich).

Tonight the Clippers take on the Suns, and King James also takes court. If you haven’t seen the LeBron’s new commercial, i think its pretty hilarious.

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