Thanks to jonathan for holding down the fort while i took a little vacation/birthday trip to New York with my sister. Its still for me one of the funnest places for me to go to for any occasion, but i do realize that living there would be a whole other story. With six cameras between both of us, we arrived in New York at midnight for the first trip i ever took with my sister, and i knew it was going to be great because i don’t have to be responsible when she’s around, i get to be stupid little brother.

Amazingly in those two short days i have just way too much to write about, but i’ll sum of some of the highlights. H&M was a great place for me to buy a sweatshirt since i had forgotten mine at home. Momofuku had these super fatty Berkshire pork buns that just melted in your mouth. The grilled corn at Cafe Habana was just as good as described from some friends dripping with butter and cheese. The Chili Crab at Fatty Crab(Malaysian) was good, it needed to be a bit more spicy for it to be great. They should have include a bib because it can get damn messy eating it, granted the chiembanchong gene may play a part of it, but my sister and I were an extra mess after we were done eating. Sadly for our saturday dinner we got gypped out of a meal because corner bistro and sushi samba were both filled to capacity, and we ended up having this shitty meal at some place in the west village.

We drank both nights first at a Korean Bar called Third Floor Cafe, and the second went to Little Branch which must be famous for their specialty drinks because when i ordered a vodka tonic, they looked at me funny, as if to say is that it? After Little Branch we went to another place Pour House, which could’ve been mistaken for a bar in Georgia because everyone was intently watching the UGA football game, and singing country songs. Afterwards we landed an Irish pub throwing back some beers until Berna had to leave, and finally ended up at a Japanese bar trying to fill up the last hour in New York before we had to leave back to LA.

Of course none of that counts the 400 or so photos that I alone took during my days there.  Most of them are pretty boring, and i still need help working on my style.

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