I’ve lost track of the reality of time, and space. Is today tuesday, or the third sunday of September? Sometimes i don’t even know what time of day it is. To say work has consumed my life would be an understatement, because sleeping and eating seem to be just a blip on the radar. If I didn’t already plan on volunteering this weekend, i know i would be in the office bright and early tomorrow. The work that we’ve been doing has been pushing my skills as a designer and programmer to the max, and it feels good, but sometimes i feel like i’m getting the Kelly Bundy effect, and soon i wont remember who scored four touchdowns in a single game for polk high.

Today we got out of the office to check out some other office spaces in Culver City, and to say we were disappointed would be an understatement. There’s still no beating westwood for its relative safeness, and convenience of things open late. Its still all about location location location.

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