Is that snow in the mountains already?!  This season might be one for the ages, or it could be like many years of the past with early snow, without much follow through.  Here’s crossing my fingers since we already have a cabin booked for the first week of January.  Speaking of seasons, man its been getting cold at night.  Every morning i have to make sure i grab a sweater with me because i never know where i’ll end up at night, and i hate being without a trusty hoody.  Take last night for example, Cheryl rounded up the IR gang to eat some indonesian food out on the westside, and after dinner we were just loitering outside as usual, and man it was chilly.  Time to start looking for a helmet, and to wax up the board.

3 thoughts on “No Way!

  1. Woohoo!! I saw it on the news last night. It was snowing in Mammoth. Funny that I couldn’t see any of the reports online. Pray for snow!!

  2. shit. it’s going to be a cold winter. 🙁 I am going to DIE!!!! Hopefully I don’t hate snow by the time we head over to Mammoth. Anyway, I am sad I didn’t get invited to the IR dinner thing. 🙁

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