Today is my mom’s birthday. Normally that would mean a trip to Lawry’s but my mom just had Lawry’s Cutlery last week with my sister so i decided to go to Kincaids in Redondo Beach. Only if everyone else could have gotten there on time they would’ve seen an awesome sunset, but c’est la vie. I powered through this huge piece of NY steak, and got to enjoy my mom’s creme brulée for dessert. I felt like such a fatty, but was pretty proud of myself of getting through most of it.

Afterwards Jonathan and I went to Liquid Kitty for a night cap, and was not surprised to find the place almost completely empty. That was until some band setup, and a fairly decent amount of people came to partake the musical experience. I wouldn’t say that i’m a big jazz buff, but i think i can really get into it. Lyrics can get in the way of just feeling the music being played. I think i’m going to have find jazz club to hit up.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. HAPPY BDAY TO CHIMMY’S MOMMY! John, i was salavating over your post about the steak and creme brulee. I’m on a fast track diet for the next two-three weeks. I have to lose weight to gain some back at the Rio Buffet in Vegas!!

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