Vegas for halloween, what’s not to love about public drinking, mass hordes of half naked girls, flashing lights, and money to gamble. It did not disappoint, well except for a few things. The past five years or so i always missed jonathan’s birthdays because of another holiday that i used to have to celebrate, so i was very stoked that i could finally accompany him to Vegas to do a little partying.

Talk about ghetto/luxo life. We booked our trip a little late, so we ended up having to drive to vegas, and stay at the Travel Lodge, by far the crappiest place on the strip, then went to some new club called MoOn at the top of Palms Hotel. Jonathan’s cousin from NY told us to meet her at the Palms, so me not having any nice clothes had to wear my costume both nights of the trip. At first i was a bit hesitant on how people would react to my outfit, but i could not have imagined how much attention i got. It might have helped that barely anyone was dressed up the first night, but seriously if i had any game what so ever i should have left with someone i didn’t know. Girls and Guys were just fascinated with my silly little costume, i’ll have some pictures up later.

The second day we had a quite a bummer of news, as janelle got word that her grandfather had passed away, so she had to take a flight back to LA to meet up with her mom so that they could fly to Hong Kong together. At night we went to a cancer research charity house party, where we were hanging out with some gold diggers, spoiled rich kids, and a roller derby chick, and those weren’t even their costumes. With the free booze flowing, and the halloween atmosphere going everyone was pretty nice, but utterly crazy. Seriously, i have to say i’m not a prude normally, but half the people i talked to either had kids, were getting divorced before the age of 30, or were spending daddy’s money like there was no tomorrow. Maybe it was wierd to me because we were the only asians there, haha.

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