I’ve recently come up with the conclusion that real good ethnic food should never be expensive. The best Mexican food are usually taco stands where the pico de gallo sits in vats freshly prepared, with jalapenos, and hotsauce readily available. Chinese should be served family style, with pots of plain white rice, and hot sauce always on the table.

So what did i do instead of this?  Friday night we went to a Red Pearl Kitchen on Melrose to check out the restaurant that opened just four weeks ago.  As far as the food went, it was decent, nothing completely to rave about, the ambiance was ok, lots of red lights as you can imagine, but the thing that got me was they had a really good lounge area, and amazingly played a lot of alternative music.

Saturday night we went to alpine village to hit up Oktoberfest, and drink some beer.  I tried my hand at putting away 64 ounces of beer, but i falied at probably about 55.  Thats just way too much liquid to put away in a single sitting.  There were a ton of people, but i don’t think i saw one actual german there.

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