So the question came up at the Rise Above show does Shepard Fairey actually care about what’s happening in the world or is he creating his art purely for self gain?  Personally i haven’t kept up with world events for the past month or so.  I just can’t seem to get into it, and i personally haven’t really cared.  I’ve been just too wrapped up with The business, the art show, and just trying to enjoy life at the same time.  Worrying about something happening outside of West LA is just something i’ve put on the back burner, and my brain just seems to tune out anything that has to deal with the words, Iraq, Isreal, Bush, homeland security, or oil.

After the art show, we decided to skip the debate and went out to drinks in Little Tokyo.  I had my fair share of beer and sake, and i’m glad i didn’t have to drive home, thanks janelle!  To those that got a drunk dial from me, whats up!

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