Forty One

With Los Angeles’s pandemic dining orders allowing only a max of 8 diners to eat together we couldn’t go to […]


PV Tide Pools

August has been an oppressively hot month, and to beat the heat we met up with the Manichans to visit […]


Brian Head UT

Mammoth Mountain has always been a favorite of mine, but the costs of going there has started to get ridiculous. […]


2019-2020 NBA Preview

2019-2020 NBA Preview Eastern Conference Milwaukee Bucks Philadelphia 76ers Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Toronto Raptors Orlando Magic Detroit Pistons Miami […]


LVI Champions

After 8 years playing forTeam Mixed Plate we are finally Champions. It like we erased years of demons when we […]


Backyard Redo

After 3 years of what was described to me as a backyard of a crack house, we finally got around […]


2018-2019 NBA Recap

Eastern Conference Boston Celtics Toronto Raptors Philadelphia 76ers Indiana Pacers Milwaukee Bucks Miami Heat Washington Wizards Detroit Pistons Western Conference […]